About me
I am an avid pen collector from Norway, specializing in pens with advertising/imprint. I’m 23 years old and live on the west coast of Norway on an island named Karmøy

I started collecting actively in 2008, and discovered fast that I had to use some kind of software to keep track of my collection. So I started the development of Penntagon, my own application for pen collectors. Penntagon is used by several other Norwegian collectors.

In 2010 I was one of the founders of the Scandinavian pen collectors club Pennesamlerne – I’ve been the leader of the club since we started it.

The beginning
I started collecting pens when I was on a trade show with my school for many years ago. We ran around and collected all the free stuff we could find! Pens happened to be one of the things I got a lot of, and before I knew it – I had started collecting. But it was first a few years after this that I really started to actively collect.

Why pens?
Pens are easy to find, and often relatively cheap – and often free!

Before any pen can enter my collection the following criteria have to be fulfilled:

  • It must have text/and or logo imprinted
  • It must have imprint, color or shape different from all other pens in the collection
  • The imprint must be readable and not too worn out
  • It must be complete and not too damaged (missing parts etc), but I’m not going to write with it – so I don’t care about the state of the ink

I’m a member of the following collector clubs:
Pennesamlerne – www.pennesamlerne.net
Pen Collectors of America – www.pencollectorsofamerica.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hej
    Kan vi bytte 1 af dine penne(blå/orange) og 1 af de nye du har lavet 50 stk af??

    Kim Svendsen
    Måske kan du finde nogle penne på min hjemmeside? Har selv lavet en floatpen har du denne????

    • Det kan vi, men det går 3-4 uker før jeg får den nye, hvis du da ikke mener den forrige – penn nr. 10.000?

      Jeg har ikke floatpennen din, så den vil jeg gjerne ha…