Managing the collection

To manage my collection I depend on my own custom made application for Pen Collectors. Every pen in my collection are registered with as much information as possible.

The development of Penhenge (the name of the application) started in 2008, and since then it has been used by numerous other Norwegian collectors.

I also synchronize all the pens in my collection to this website (done automatically by my app.), which allows both you and everybody else to search my complete collection.

I register all available details for each pen – even a copy of the eBay auction page for pens that I’ve bought on eBay. If a pen comes with a warranty or an instruction sheet (Quill, Cross etc. usually does), I scan it and attach that to the pen too.

Each pen may be registered with up-to three pictures, I always use at least one.

All changes made to a pen is logged, so if I change something that shouldn’t be changed, I know what the old value was.

All the pens in the collection may be commented on this site, any comment added will automatically show up inside my application, directly in the information window for the pen. Any other information I add, like saved eBay auctions or warranty information is also easily accessible from the same window.

Google is your friend… And it’s also my friend, I’ve created a function which lets me open a Google search directly from the application when I’m registering a pen – the function automatically searches for the text I’ve entered

An important functionality is the automatic duplicate search, it monitors the data I input for a new pen and automatically do a search against the database. If one or more pens have similar information as the new pen the function warns me of a possible duplicate and lets me see the image(s) of the pens that look like the new – with just one click!

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