The pen room

As the collection has grown, it has begun to take up some space, and when we bought the house in 2009 it was temporarily placed in a bookshelf, which meant that the books didn’t fit! Fortunately, the next room was available.

The room was narrow and cramped, but that didn’t stop me! Materials were purchased and shelving crafted around the entire room – which of course made it even tighter (luckily, the pens don’t complain!). Finally, after both the shelves and walls had gotten a few coats of paint – it was ready and the pens could move in!

A small electrical radiator keeps the room heated during the winter, so that the Eskesen floatpens are protected from the cold – we don’t want any bubbles!

As the collection keeps on growing the room gets fuller and fuller, so I might have to consider new storage places for new pens…

Below you can see a small selection of images from the room

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