Quality pens in January

In the first month of the year, more exclusive and special pens have found its way into the collection, below you may see some of them

This pen with holder is from the former Chinese airline China Yunnan Airlines

These three sets are all produced by or licensed by Cross, but under different brand names. The first one is produced under the brand Bill Blass, the second one is an original Cross and the last one is branded Franklin Covey.

Another nice Coca-Cola pen

And a nice Quill-set

Prodir and Coca-Cola

Yesterday I got a really nice wooden Coca-Cola pen, boxed with a Coca-Cola clock. The clock has limited lifetime warranty.

My first Prodir DS3.1 are finally registered! DS3 has for a long time been the most common model from Prodir, I have 596 registered in my collection – and many more waiting to be registered. DS3.1 is clearly an improvement over DS3, and has the potential to be as popular as DS3.

I’ve also got an unusual Prodir pen, unknown model with a strange clip. I’ve tried to contact Prodir several times earlier to get information about this model, but they won’t answer me…

The first pen of the year!

The first pen of the year is actually a mechanical pencil, from a former local shipyard named Karmsund Maritime Service. A nice Parker which I got from a co-worker.

Karmsund Maritime Service

I’ve also got 387 Prodir pens which needs to be sorted, photographed and registered…
Lot of duplicates, so expect updated trading list soon! This lot also contains my very first Prodir DS3.1 pens, I’ve tried to find this pen type for a long time now – finally I’ve got one!
Pictures will come later

December 2011

The total number of pens are now 14 290, a total of 3 736 pens found their way into the collection this year – 588 pens more than in 2010!
I now have pens from 173 different manufacturers and from 72 different countries!

The new page Around the World shows a list of all the countries I have pens from, the list is generated automatically and is always updated.

I’ve also started a new project called Norway Around, where the goal is to collect at least one pen from each of the 19 counties and 430 municipalities in Norway (with advertising for a company / organization, place or person in that county/municipality).

In 2012, I plan to write more regular updates on this page with more pictures of the finer and more special pens that come in, maybe I’ll even pull off some contests! I’m considering also to write some more about how I’m doing different things, like photographing pens, collecting information about a pen, recording and archiving, etc. .. But it all depends on how many people take the time to read what I write, and leave comments … Feel free to say what you think about that in the comments!

Finally, I wish everyone a happy new year!
Thanks to everyone who has donated and exchanged pens with me this year!
Last but not least, thanks to all who visit and read this page!

New pens 23rd December 2011

I ocasionally get pens that are more special than others.

I will try to present some of them on this page, please let me know in the comments if this is interesting or not.

This magnificent pen is from the Norwegian bank DNB, it’s one of the first pens with their new logo. A exclusive Cross pen in a sturdy box.

This nice Garland set from the 90s (pen and pencil) are from Hicks Trucking, Inc

November 2011

I’m currently developing the next version of my pen program Penntagon, which in the next version will change name to Penhenge. Penhenge will also be the first version which also will be available in English.

We’ve been to Miami and San Francisco, and a huge lot of pens found its way into my collection! I took a lot of pictures of my pens on the beach, in front of Golden Gate Bridge, on Alcatraz and other places in Miami and San Francisco. You can see the pictures in the banner.

National Pen finally responded to my complaints, and they gave me a nice compensation for the pens with erroneous imprint. 🙂

I’m only missing floatpens from two states now before my project 50 Floats is completed! So if you have pens from Delaware or West Virginia I’ll be very happy to hear from you!

September 2011

Last weekend it was again time for the annual meeting of the Norwegian collectors club Reklamepennens Venner.

I brought all my duplicates, and I even got a banner with my new logo!

Many pens changed owners this weekend!

With my recently purchased fisheye lens for my camera, I have also taken a new picture of the pen-room

The new pens I ordered with my logo has finally arrived, a week too late …
But every pen has errors in the print, they are all missing parts of the logo.
It is actually one part of the logo that’s not visible on a single one of them!
National Pen is a huge disappointment now, and what is most disappointing is that they do not respond when I try to complain!

August 2011

During the last month I’ve gotten lots of new and exciting pens!

One of the new pens I ordered has arrived, the other one is delayed for several weeks…

I’ve gotten a big package with pens from USA, from onemillionpens.com.
I’ve written about onemillionpens.com earlier, see OneMillionPens.com

A new box with pens and pen-parts from Cross have found its way into the collection

My first pens from Balmain and Franklin Covey arrived this month, together with a nice limited edition Fisher Space Pen from Continental Airlines.

Below you can see a pen from the self-claimed principality Sealand. Sealand is an old offshore-installation from the second world war, and is not officially recognized as a country. But I recognize their pen!