A greeting from Malaysia

A few months ago I was contacted by a collector from Malaysia.
We did a trade/swap, and I gained several exotic pens to my collection.

He is looking for other collectors to trade/swap with, and he has written a small text about himself – do not be afraid to contact him!

Congratulations to the good changes that will occur on your website very soon. It’s very interactive site that can be shared by fans not only in Norway but also throughout the world. Perhaps I can help you make a translation in Malay that can be utilized by over 350 million internet users in South East Asia Countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Southern Thailand, Southern Philippines, Singapore, Brunei and East Timor.

Also, thank you for a few collection from Malaysia which listing as in your website. Let me try to add more pens from Malaysia.

Actually I am world coin collector, but since my collection almost complete to the end and just for a few coins left behind hence I have to switch for Promo Pen, Advertising Pen and Vintage Pen collecting. Fortunately, a good opportunity to join you and several others and shared the same interests.

Collecting Promo and Advertising Pen can be considered a new and still less popular in many countries. Unlike coins or banknotes collecting, just a small number of Promo Pen and Advertising Pen collectors listing in internet. THOMAS FREDRIKSEN is one of those who have great collection and congratulations to you and others who have thousands of pens as in their collection.

As a new collector I am always looking for other collectors to share the same interests and cultivate a good collaboration with them. For those interested – you are welcome to drop an email into my mail box: roslan_adam@yahoo.com

Roslan ADAM

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