Welcome to my pen-page!

I'm currently having a break from collecting pens :)

September 2011

Last weekend it was again time for the annual meeting of the Norwegian collectors club Reklamepennens Venner.

I brought all my duplicates, and I even got a banner with my new logo!

Many pens changed owners this weekend!

With my recently purchased fisheye lens for my camera, I have also taken a new picture of the pen-room

The new pens I ordered with my logo has finally arrived, a week too late …
But every pen has errors in the print, they are all missing parts of the logo.
It is actually one part of the logo that’s not visible on a single one of them!
National Pen is a huge disappointment now, and what is most disappointing is that they do not respond when I try to complain!

August 2011

During the last month I’ve gotten lots of new and exciting pens!

One of the new pens I ordered has arrived, the other one is delayed for several weeks…

I’ve gotten a big package with pens from USA, from onemillionpens.com.
I’ve written about onemillionpens.com earlier, see OneMillionPens.com

A new box with pens and pen-parts from Cross have found its way into the collection

My first pens from Balmain and Franklin Covey arrived this month, together with a nice limited edition Fisher Space Pen from Continental Airlines.

Below you can see a pen from the self-claimed principality Sealand. Sealand is an old offshore-installation from the second world war, and is not officially recognized as a country. But I recognize their pen!

New pens ordered!

Now that I finally have my own logo, I have to get me my own pen with the logo on!

That’s why I’ve now ordered 60 Deuce Markerpens in assorted colors from National Pen

National Pen also has a cool new model, a pen with a key ring. I’ve ordered 60 of those as well.
Since the logo couldn’t fit, this pen will have this text etched in instead:

Pennesamler Thomas Fredriksen

More pens sent to onemillionpens.com

Today I’ve sent another donation to onemillionpens.com – not much, but hopefully something new to the collection!

Some special pens, which did not make it into my collection (no advertisement/logos etc.), and a couple of my new personal pens.

I recommend you all to check out onemillionpens.com – and be sure to watch Pens TV!


I recently discovered a website called onemillionpens.com – where Tisha Bell and Max Murrey are trying to collect one million pens!
They are collecting all kinds of pens, and fortunately for them I had just gotten some special pens without any advertising/printing on them – which means they’re no good for my collection.

I like the idea of onemillionpens.com, so I just had to mail them the pens! About 30 pens were put inside a box and delivered to the post office – after I covered it with “Handle with care”-stickers (we don’t want broken pens!).

Yesterday, about 10 days later, the pens finally arrived – you can see them on onemillionpens.com

Thank you Max for showing your appreciation!