November 2011

I’m currently developing the next version of my pen program Penntagon, which in the next version will change name to Penhenge. Penhenge will also be the first version which also will be available in English.

We’ve been to Miami and San Francisco, and a huge lot of pens found its way into my collection! I took a lot of pictures of my pens on the beach, in front of Golden Gate Bridge, on Alcatraz and other places in Miami and San Francisco. You can see the pictures in the banner.

National Pen finally responded to my complaints, and they gave me a nice compensation for the pens with erroneous imprint. 🙂

I’m only missing floatpens from two states now before my project 50 Floats is completed! So if you have pens from Delaware or West Virginia I’ll be very happy to hear from you!

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