December 2011

The total number of pens are now 14 290, a total of 3 736 pens found their way into the collection this year – 588 pens more than in 2010!
I now have pens from 173 different manufacturers and from 72 different countries!

The new page Around the World shows a list of all the countries I have pens from, the list is generated automatically and is always updated.

I’ve also started a new project called Norway Around, where the goal is to collect at least one pen from each of the 19 counties and 430 municipalities in Norway (with advertising for a company / organization, place or person in that county/municipality).

In 2012, I plan to write more regular updates on this page with more pictures of the finer and more special pens that come in, maybe I’ll even pull off some contests! I’m considering also to write some more about how I’m doing different things, like photographing pens, collecting information about a pen, recording and archiving, etc. .. But it all depends on how many people take the time to read what I write, and leave comments … Feel free to say what you think about that in the comments!

Finally, I wish everyone a happy new year!
Thanks to everyone who has donated and exchanged pens with me this year!
Last but not least, thanks to all who visit and read this page!